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All the World watches as Sweden destroys itself. These are the seven points on why.

You are most welcome to take a seat, followers from nations across the world.

It’s been less than two full weeks since I started this site, and even less days since I joined Google Analytics, to find out the statistics about it. Thus, about You, dear Reader! And what I found out is much to my surprise, that 1/10 of You are non-Swedish speaking. The fact that You are also using a list of different language translator apps adding up to approximately the same 10% share of the total, convinced me that Swedish emigrants are balanced out of this number: the share of foreign countries and cities represented is about the same as the share of foreign language apps users. Although it to some degree horrifies me to realise that my words are awkwardly converted by Google translate to something barely readable, to as many as a 1/10 of my total ‘fan base’, it of course also makes me very proud and motivated, when so many choose to follow what is going on in a small and obscure country on the border of the arctic region – via my channel. That is a great responsibility and I think it also calls for a sign of recognition from my side. Thus, I decided to write this article in English – and will begin to talk about You.

Sunt Förnuft Readers across the Atlantic

From Guatemala City to Montreal, from Melbourne to Beirut – I salut You all.

You, dear Reader, are spread out in 74 countries, of which about half in Europe, the rest located on all other continents. The fact that there is high interest from the other Nordic countries is less surprising perhaps, but that the ‘Neighbour Readers’ combined are not more numerous than the U.S. Readers, is taken me aback somewhat. I don’t know what made the fan club in Irvine, CA, so large, but I seriously doubt that any of You are named Richard and met with me when I interrailed over three decades ago? The interest is spread all over the country, with users hooked up with me from Portland, Kennewick and Weed (!) in Oregon, all along the west coast down to the San Fransisco and Los Angeles areas, via Cheyenne, Denver, a cluster of hubs in Texas as well as in Florida; along the East coast, to a major cluster in the Tri-state area (are some of You perhaps Stern Business School graduates? In that case – hi Marquita et al!) and then another cluster around Cleveland/Pittsburgh. The tour ending up in Chicago in fact includes at least 20 states and most of the major cities. The same goes for the capitals of Europe: London (xxo Katie!), Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Bern, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, Berlin, Moscow (are you still there, Dan?), Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw, Vienna, Prague, Zagreb, Budapest… as well as the Nordic capitals including Reykjavik of course. A huge hub of You i southern Spain as well as in Thailand is probably consisting mostly of Swedish exils. The fact that You also inhabit almost every larger German city is incredible – especially since I know that You, of which my friend Jens is one, are struggling to get the jest of it through the poor sve-de Google app, which is still so much worse than the large language apps (en-de) – my recommendation is to switch to se-en!

Swedish followers – prepare for a visit!

In Sweden You are covering almost every small municipality. It would be so nice to know who You are! So that  I could visit just by chance – who wouldn’t like to have a friend nearby, wherever he goes? In case You are well connected in Your area, please consider as a possibility to see me over for a lecture, I could even make a grand tour, if I get the time – with stops in more than 200 places! – all of which are inhabited by You. Given the fact that there are 290 communal districts all in total, I would for sure have seen most of Sweden after that… Even so, it is obvious that my strongest support is in my home town and the greater Stockholm area, so in case it happens that I begin to perform live, I would probably start here to make the audience of You into a big crowd. That would be truly awesome.

Why Sweden is a world topic

And my subject may then very well be about the amazing – and scary – fact that Sweden has become this worldwide topic of interest – as Your global spread is the clearest evidence of. This is not really at all so surprising as it may seem. We are, after all, the first Nation in history who is under way – by free will of its democratically elected government – to hand over our inherited common assets and country wealth to complete strangers; born over a 1,000 miles from here, with no previous connection whatsoever to us. We are not expecting anyone to pay for this or even to contribute in the future. If we were we should have acted very differently. Because we know we have invited a culture which is as contrary – on every objective scale – as it can be to ours. A culture with primitive tribal values, in which religion and family ties are of sole importance, with a minimal level of trust to others; facts that promote short term thinking, contempt for the weak and survival of the strongest, by physical force alone. This is a culture that is dominated by the aggressive Islamic religion, an evil totalitarian ideology to which postmodern westerners in general and Swedes in particular have been acting increasingly subservient to, for two decades now. With no sign of a reversed trend yet, the devastating effects of this appeasment policy are becoming increasingly evident. To some. But still too few – and far from all.

It can be no coincidence that the 9/11 terrorist attack took place at about the time when this development started, it seems in fact to have triggered it; in the US but even more so here in Europe. But what is it then that created a ‘perfect storm’ and made Sweden the most willing victim of this large scale invasive migration? I would like to make the following seven point rationale.

The seven secret ingrediences in the Swedish mass immigration cocktail

The Inglehart Welzel Culture Map (2008).
  1. The fact that Sweden only two generations ago basically was an agrarian culture with no feudal tradition probably plays a more significant role than can be fully estimated. With more than 90% of the population living off the land – of which most had been free farmer’s in generations, and – most importantly – as such being represented as one of four social classes in the parliament since all the way back to the 14th century, Sweden had an almost unique tradition of common understanding in its society, that made the peasant population much more loyal to the state and the king than almost anywhere else. The very earthbound realisation of where from our prosperity origins – hard labour and the soil itself – disappeared rapidly somewhere around the 1950’s and twenty years later left the next generation, whom in great numbers had moved into the cities, with little understanding of their roots and the mechanisms that was the fundamentals of the Swedish welfare state, that had evolved during the same period. This lack of understanding has made it easy to create political delusions.

  2. The manufacturer and deliverer of such delusions is the Deep State including most of MSM media, all closely monitored by the Swedish Social Democratic Party (SAP). The misconception that our affluence origins from their giving hands alone is one of the most important, introduced to every Swede in the elementary school history books. The Swedish school system is in fact a blue print copy of DDR’s! SAP applied the East German communist’s school model in the mid 60’ies, a radical move that rather recently was disclosed, without creating much of a stir in leftist MSM news – nor any changes in the current school’s curriculum programs. Most bourgeois heritage is already long since forgotten. In the 50’s and 60’s the SAP party even torn down most of the national romantic architecture in town and city centres; also aiming, with much success, to erase any traces of an upper and middle class blue-rinse origin. Conversely, the fact that Sweden’s prosperity instead origins from what is still one of Europe’s strongest and most innovative industrial sectors; born in the 19th century out of a number of great inventor’s and entrepreneur’s creative skills, is thus not so well recognized. In fact, the seemingly unbreakable strength of the Swedish business sector is paradoxically a very important reason why utopian experimenting is so popular in Sweden. In most other countries such debauched gambling had self died much earlier from insufficient financing, but SAP has been very skilled in collaborating with the most influential of the business leaders; up until now seemingly with beneficial results for both parties: consolidated power for SAP, order and stability for the industrialists. One may even to some degree accurately describe the Swedish Deep State as the only significant piece still remaining of the European east block political dominance, after the iron curtain was torn down – as have some independent foreign observers pointed out. SAP has gradually declined it’s share of the voters, but remains in charge nevertheless. And the Deep State, the legacy of SAP:s long rule, still thrives – which is also the reason why SAP can cling on to power, despite having turned their backs on their core voters.

  3. The SAP struggle to remain in power when traditional right wing opposition started to ‘triangulate’ towards the left has as a consequence, somewhat paradoxically, contributed to the current dystopian situation in Sweden, as well as the SAP abandoning of their core voters and favouring refugee immigrants instead. How? By letting spinn doctors inveigling the Deep State administration as well as MSM media to promote any populist trend that helped SAP in fulfilling their all overshadowing priority (i.e. power). The Swedish Deep State has thus offered to channel ultra radical postmodernism and even Islamism through its veins, in a fashion that probably no framework of institutions in similar countries have been able to do. Small parties (Mp, C, L) with extremist views, only partly supported by SAP factions, have been permitted to shift the balance of power far to the left of the mainstream voter’s opinions on mass immigration issues.

  4. As Swede’s are by far the most secular people in the world (only the Japanese can compete), there is a void or vacuum, where most other cultures tend to find stability, meaning and comfort in religion. Even our neighbouring Nordic countries are considerably more traditionally Christian. And The Swedish Church (up until 2000 formally part of the State and dominated by SAP both before and since) is 99% secular and has evolved into an almost aggressively ecumenical service; much influenced by SAP and leftist thinkers as Foucault and the Frankfurt school. It is in fact more hospitable and sympathetic to believers of other confessions (that is: Muslim immigrants) than to Christian traditionalists in Sweden or Christian followers being persecuted abroad (by Muslims). So, whereas the Church in other countries may offer some shelter from Islamic influence, setting limits for the constant built-up of pressure and demands, the Swedish Church has instead acted as the most enthusiastic door opener and is the first to embrace all new demands of the invasive culture.

  5. The demography already created a parallel society – an Islamic one. In the US the share of foreing born of the total population reached its peak, 14.7%, in 1910 and president Theodore Roosevelt stopped immigration, a decision based on the notion that this was a critical level. In Sweden this ratio has just past 20%, increasing from the supposedly critical 15% level in less than seven years, and the future trend is exponential. Especially alarming since Sweden is not a multiculture as America; we have instead become a dualistic culture. Almost 90% of the immigration in the last years originates only from one culture area: the Islamic. Muslim immigrants, mainly from the MENA-countries (incl. Afghanistan, Eritrea and Somalia), are already about 12-13% of the total Swedish population (there is no official statistics on this) and most of them are living in what has developed into parallel societies during the last decade. With few exceptions these muslims won’t integrate. The fact that this group also have a much higher nativity than ethnic Swedes (and any other immigration group) is usually only referred to by ultranationalists; the topic is too politically sensitive. Mostly the fear of a ‘people exchange’ is dismissed by counterarguments that nativity is bound to go down in the next generation; that is the pattern shown in other immigrant groups. But these groups also show adaptability and a willingness to assimilate. Muslims don’t. On the contrary; they are encouraged to breed as many babies they can – for religous reasons. This is a very consious strategy adopted by islam state ideologists, supposedly how their confession is to conquer the world. Is this pure ‘wishful thinking’? Not at all. Few seems to realize how much impact an actual difference of 3.0 nativity for Muslims and 1.5 for Swedes actually make.  An ethnic Swedish woman will after a century and three generations have 1,5+1,5^2+1,5^3 = 7,125 offspring in total, on average. With 3 kids in 4 generations (earlier births) the Muslim woman would by then have on average of 3+3^2+3^3+3^4 = 147 descendants. Already in 2018 c. 40% of our first graders have a foreign origin – and 25% of them are Muslims. So, even with an immediate immigration stop the ethnic Swedes will be a minority in probably less than 30 years. This is not theory, just plain maths. Unless of course if this pattern changes. However, repatriation, the only tool that will prove effective, is not an option outlined yet by any of the parties currently sitting in parliament.

  6. Much destructive is also the Swedish immigration policy. No attempts whatsoever are being made to make immigrants adopt to the Swedish culture – or even to learn the language. The authorities are using neither carrots or sticks, on the contrary encouraging people to live off the welfare system instead of working. Most newly arrivals have little or very poor education, in fact many are anaphabetics, whereas the education and work skills demand in the Swedish business sector is the highest in the world. Minimum wages are too high to make the low educated refugee immigrants attractive to employ, but is still lower than the welfare subsidies are. Even for the most creative, well-educated and entrepreneurial newcomers there are strong incentives to sit back and passively enjoy the workless life, the system actually seems to be carefully designed to make as few as possible interested in contributing in society. The foreign department home page, for instance, conveniently informs everyone how to make the most of the welfare system when they arrive, and who to contact in order to ensure that their legal rights are taken care of properly. Regardless if they are fleeing from war and persecution or from poverty, most people arrive with expectations built on these tempting offers. And they do not have a clue where the money comes from, or how it is generated.

  7. Finally, whereas US citizens with few exceptions are strong nationalists and regardless of ethnic origin tends to unite under the flag and harbour a genuine pride over the American constitution, national achievements and freedom values – what is most discomforting in Sweden is that we do not. Except for Germany, antinationalism is probably stronger here than anywhere else in the world. Leading politicians, like former prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, Moderaterna (The Conservative party) and former SAP party leader Mona Sahlin, claims that Swedish culture is not only inferior to immigrant cultures (i.e. Islam), but actually totally non-existent! This is not only misleading to the immigrants, who would be well advised to acquire as much of the domestic culture as possible to improve their chances for success, because Sweden is a much more closed society than many of us like to think. It is also a great disservice to our nation. Swedes should take pride in their culture, with a rich and long history of outstanding achievements, especially when considering the small country size. It is also an essential part in what made this country so rich and well functioning up until today. Lutheran work ethics, endurance and punctuality are concepts almost unheard of in Muslim countries. Trustworthiness to others than clan members and to Allah is not a virtue in their culture – it is despised and considered to be gullibility. The Islam practicing of ‘taqiya’ is in fact the exact opposite; giving the Muslim a moral privilege to lie to anyone but other Muslim believers. This is accepted as long as it is for the good of Islam. Of course also secular ethnic Swedes lie but the distinction is very important: most ethnic Swedes feel bad when doing it, because deep down inside we ‘know’ it is wrong. This is not the case with a Muslim who is convinced that his action is religiously sanctioned.

Sweden is used to homemade catastrophies – but also remarkable recoveries.

These seven points quite covers why things are as bad as they are in Sweden. For You, my dear Reader abroad, this may give some comfort, since several of these factors are clearly country/culture specific. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend you to continue keeping an eye on the strange Swedes.

We may not turn around in time. The risk is quite evident and becoming even more so every day that passes by. Our tragic failure must in that case set a deterrent example to other nations.

However, a different sentiment can be traced in the very last few weeks political debate. And it is mainly due to a further climb in gang violence. Even more bombing incidents has contributed, as well as the two gang member girlfriends that was targeted and killed on the same day – one of them holding her infant baby. Intruders have started ringing door bells at upper class homes, and that in particular may be the last minute wake up-call that Sweden – i.e. our leaders – needs. Just as the homemade economic crisis in the early 90’ies proved to be a good lesson learned quite quickly, again the recovery may be just as astonishing to watch, as the road that lead us to catastrophe was/is. But in this task the nation needs to reunite again – thus many more need to wake up. Right now this is admittedly only wishful thinking, but at least there is still room for such; a kind of low point-optimism that we must kling to, to see beyond what will be even worse to come, before a turnaround is possible.

Magnus Stenlund
Sunt Furnuft (‘Common Sense’ ), in Sweden these days a dissident.

PS. I will continue to write some of my texts in English and/or provide You with English executive summaries now and then in case there is an interest for this. Please give me a hint if this is to Your liking – and the best way You can do this is to subscribe to the newsletter (after family name, adding a country code would be helpful) DS.

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Vad ska vi göra om det inte går att integrera muslimerna?

Den nederländske professorn Ruud Koopmans är mycket tydlig: medan andra grupper av invandrare oftast gör stora framsteg från en generation till nästa när det gäller integration, så ser det helt annorlunda ut för muslimer. De finns naturligtvis undantag på individnivå, men när vi talar om de statistiska genomsnitten så är integrationen ytterst långsam – ibland går det rent av bakåt. Och detta gäller inte bara i Sverige, utan i a l l a västländer. Det finns inga undantag överhuvudtaget.

Det kanske tydligaste beskedet om detta, ger muslimernas åsikter om de nya hemländernas lagstiftning: 2/3 av dem anser att deras egna religiösa sharialagar står över den sekulära lagen. En klar majoritet är också homofoba och nära hälften är antisemiter. Koopmans redovisar en rad sådana statistiska sanningar som förnekas kategoriskt såväl av de politiska etablissemanget som av de muslimska företrädarna sjäva, inte minst imamerna, som genomgående hävdar att problemen finns hos fundamentalisterna, som enligt dem skulle utgöra ett närmast försumbart fåtal. Men Koopmans rön bekräftas av andra islamforskare, som professor Felice Dassetto i Belgien, som varnar för att allt fler västerländska muslimer övergår från sekulär till religiös tro, och att antalet salafistiska fundamentalister också ökar. En tysk larmrapport talar om en fördubbling på fem år.
Det här är inte nyheter på något sätt och det finns inget som tyder på en positiv förändring. Tvärtom så är utvecklingen densamma i hela den islamska världen – och den går entydigt åt fel håll. I de 47 islamskt dominerade länderna i världen är problemen enligt Koopmans ganska enkla att identifiera: kvinnoförtrycket som innebär mycket låg kvinnlig sysselsättningsgrad, höga födslotal och låg investering i barnens utbildning. Till dessa kan läggas klansamhällets struktur och den destruktiva skamkulturen, som inte befordrar någon som helst form av förtroende mellan individer utan släktband; och alla dessa fenomen stöttas av islam.
Grunden till islams problem är den oföränderliga synen på Koranen, som ingen auktoritet vill eller förmår ändra. Den medeltida och aggressiva statslära som Koranen förmedlar försvårar, såsom den tolkas, inte bara integrationen, den är ett direkt hot mot världsfreden. Koopmans är mycket kritisk till påståendet att endast en liten minoritet av muslimerna är fundamentalister, det är direkt felaktigt enligt hans enkätundersökningar, genomförda under mer än 20 års forskning. Medan ca 40-45% av muslimerna kan definieras som fundamentalister, så är motsvarande siffra bland troende kristna bara 5-10%.
Koopmans är inte särskilt populär i många kretsar (tänka sig!). Vilket enligt honom själv beror på att i dessa har man bestämt sig för att rasism och diskriminering förklarar alla integrationsproblem, inte kultur och religion. Och när en forskare som Koopmans utmanar deras världsbild, så möts han slentrianmässigt av personangrepp. Det vanligaste är att man blir arg för att han ’bara spelar högerpopulisterna i händerna’. För dem som tycker så är forskning nämligen bara ännu en politisk gren, avsedd att stötta den redan beslutade immigrationspolitiken. De politiskt korrekta patentlösningarna är mera utbildning, skaffa dem jobb och sluta diskriminera. Och denna pk-politik kostar förstås pengar. Vad Koopmans säger är att dessa pengar i praktiken är närmast verkningslösa.
Västerländsk kolonisering och imperialism anges ofta vara en förklaring till de muslimska ländernas problem. Men i själva verket är det de länder som har varit koloniserade längst som klarar sig relativt bäst när det gäller faktorer som demokrati, mänskliga rättigheter och ekonomisk utveckling. Det borde väl egentligen kanske inte vara en så stor överraskning; västerländsk kultur är den enda som producerat dessa nyttigheter. Det är ovedersägliga fakta som direkt borde sopa banan med det marxistiska idégodset. Men så sker inte, istället censureras sådana som Koopmans.
Så hur bör muslimerna integreras? Koopmans är skeptisk till s k ’premie-muslimer’. Med detta menas den i Norge inslagna vägen, där man (även de konservativa) för fram de framgångsrikt integrerade som förebilder. Problemet är att dessa sällan eller aldrig är så välintegrerade när man skrapar lite på skinnet; det handlar om små eftergifter och symbolhandlingar, som dessutom inte alls behöver vara sanningar, eftersom muslimerna gärna tillämpar taqiya, ’lögner för islams bästa’. På detta sätt får majoritetsbefolkningen en skev och alldeles för positiv bild av hur den muslimska genomsnittsinvandraren ser ut och inte bara ’premie-muslimerna’ själva vinner oförtjänta förmåner, även islam i sin helhet skjuter fram sina positioner med denna draghjälp.
Koopmans ger i intervjun inget svar på frågan ovan, hur muslimer ska integreras, mer än de slutsatser vi kan dra själva: muslimer som valt att leva i utanförskapsområden kan inte förväntas påverkas av våra ‘morötter’. Vi måste fokusera ansträngningarna på att finna en bra ‘piska’. De som inte vill integreras måste utsättas för påtryckningar att göra det, t ex lägre bidrag eller inga alls om man inte lär sig språk och deltar i arbetslivet efter en viss tid. Utvisningshot mot dem som vidtar åtgärder som direkt motverkar integration, och som bryter mot svensk lag, såsom t ex tvångsgiften i hemländerna. Terroristsympatier, våldtäkter och skjutningar måste innebära utvisning på livstid. Och de som inte låter sig påverkas och förmås integreras på annat sätt måste vi helt enkelt skicka härifrån innan de blir för många, inte bara för att de inte själva bidrar, utan för att de påverkar sina landsmän och trosfränder negativt.
Är nu Koopmans forskning så radikal och kontroversiell? Det beror ju på vart man befinner sig. Den här krönikans material hämtades först från dansk erkänd mainstream media, Berlingske Tidende. Via Document, nyhetsbyrå på nätet, Norges största och mycket respekterad sådan. Till svenska Samhällsnytt. Personligen hyser jag stor respekt för Samhällsnytts rapportering både därför att detta nätmedia tar upp nyheter få eller inga andra gör, för att man är noga med att redovisa källor och för att skribenterna är både kunniga och erfarna. VIsst driver man en åsiktsagenda, men man gör det öppet, till skillnad från t ex DN. Det är alltså inte alls att förvåna att Samhällsnytt blivit det politiska etablissemangets spottkopp – eller att man därför också har fått ett – mycket oförtjänt – rykte som opålitliga och försåtligt vinklade.
Men det är ändå faktum. Och den flödeskedja som jag redovisar ovan visar ju att den här typen av nyhet är fullt acceptabel att förmedla på bästa nyhetsplats i våra grannländer, medan den i Sverige anses ’suspekt’ och så politiskt inkorrekt att bara Samhällsnytt vågar ta i den. Svenska islamforskare har heller aldrig varnat för eller ens studerat den ökande salafismen i Sverige, det finns inga Koopmans här alls. En akademisk motkultur saknas, de svenska muslimer som studerar ämnet låtsas som att problemet inte finns – åtminstone inte i Sverige. Islamsk infiltrering av politiska partier, främst S, Mp och C, består inte av sekukära muslimer, utan just av de radikala. Kan det finnas ett samband? Och det är de radikala grupperingarna som det svenska samhället gödslar pengar över, samtidigt som de enda muslimer pk-svenskarna stöter på är av ‘premie’-typen; sådana som uppträder som äkta eller oäkta sekulära och välintegrerade.
Sannolikheten att jag själv blir blockerad av facebook efter detta inlägg är också mycket större än efter någonting annat jag skriver. Muslimer och islam är fullständiga tabuämnen, som några av mina mindre positivt inställda följare genast rapporterar om – till massblockerare inom islamska svenska grupperingar som har fb-grupper tio gånger större än #jäh.

Att jag ändå gör det då och då, beror på att denna information måste spridas vidare, den får inte passera utan åtgärd, den är för viktig.
Magnus Stenlund
Sunt Förnuft